Hawaii, Maui Island, Raod to Hana, Haleakala Park, Lahaina

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Wailua Falls - Cachoeira Wailua

Maui – Maui is the second biggest Hawaiian Island. There’re 4 main things to do in Maui:

  1. The Road to Hana.
  2. Haleakala Volcano Park hiking and driving for a sunrise and/or sunset view.
  3. Lahaina Town.
  4. Helicopter flight, island tour.

You’ll be able to make all of the above within 2 “full” days, or 4 days trip, you’ll understand that further 🙂 , a car will make your life easier and comfortable in Maui, take into consideration the following suggested arrangements:

1st day – Leaving Ohau Island, Honolulu morning time, 40 minutes flight.

Cheeseburgerland Restaurant

Arriving at Kahului afternoon time, picking up a car, hotel check in and driving to Lahaina for a dinner and sightseeing you’ll find several historical places for photos. Lahaina’s sunset is also amazing. I’d suggest a dinner at: ”Bubba Gump” or “Cheeseburger”.

Bubba's Gump Restaurant       -      Restaurante Buppa's Gump

2nd day – Going for a helicopter flight tour, Haleakala hiking and sunset view, despite everybody suggests a sunrise view, I have not done it. Please bear in mind that when we say here that Haleakala is cold this means cold! Something around 0o C or 32o F, and can be rainy as well; take care with cameras and phones. I’d suggest another evening and dinner in Lahaina, please do not forget your t-shirt ”I’ve done the Road to Hana”.

Water Falls after Hana near to Fagan's Cross Memorial        -       Quedas d'água próximo ao cruzeiro e memorial de Fagan

3rd day – The Road to Hana! As for me this is the most exciting day! 617 curves, 56 one way bridges 52 miles (80 Km) and 3 hours if you don’t stop at all and if this is not a rainy day! Rain, sun, lots of beaches to see, one of the world’s road icon and a happy tiredness day! I’ll let you know some tips for this amazing day out from what a car to have trough food, places to eat, where to stop, main places to see, how to get in there, what happens after, the way back and much more!

Lahaina Town, main road     -      Cidade de Lahaina, rua principal

4th day – Take your early flight back to Honolulu relax and have a mai tai at Duke’s please 🙂

As I have mentioned before, if you are going to Maui only to visit and if you are following my suggested above itinerary makes lot of sense to stay in Kahului. Hotels in Kahului are cheaper; this is a centre point to Hana, Haleakala Park, Helicopters and Lahaina, it’ll make your life easier and will give you some more minutes of sleeping time.

Lahaina's sunset       -       Pôr-do-sol em Lahaina

The Road to Hana has a zero mark point, that you most probably will miss it, please see the photo! As you’ll miss lots of interesting points and historical places if you don’t know exactly what to see or if you don’t have with you somebody that knows the place well enough, there is not a single map that puts everything together and that has a mile set point where you may, may not, stop. So, no worries, I’m here and I’ll help you to get in there J. To start with! I’d suggest you to set your car mileage counter at the “zero mark point”.

Road to Hana

Here is the tip! Thanks God we are on the 21st century and thanks to Steve Jobs we have our iPhones (Sorry Android users, following app was not available for Android at my time in Maui!). Please make sure that before you leave your hotel you download an app called “Gypsy Guide”, this is a big app and will download under WiFi only. If you forgot it, still there’s a second and last chance in the town of Paia where you’ll stop and pick up your sandwich at “Hana Picnic Lunch Co.”. At ”Anthony’s Coffee Co.“ you can have a nice coffee and use their WiFi, this is a free WiFi, but you’ll have to ask for a password. Please Do Not Forget A Car Charge For Your iPhone And Camera! This Is A Long Day Trip And Camera Battery Will Go Down And The App Will Drain Your Battery In Minutes.

As I have said above this is a 3 hours trip if you never stop, don’t stop at all, and if the fellow driver ahead of you is as fast as you are keeping 15 miles/h (25Km/h). However, this is not the case and you’ll stop dozens of times and each of your stops will take some time. Don’t layover on your stops or it’ll get more than a day and you’ll not see what is waiting for you at the end of this road 🙂

Island Chef at Nahiku Market Place, mileage marker 28-29, 6 miles before Hana      -      O Island Chef fica do lado esquerdo da estrada para Hana entre as milhas 28-29, 6 milhas antes de chegar em Hana

Despite all of the advices and everything that people will tell you, you still will find few nice places to stop and eat and drink, but only few, few means 2 or 3 max! Then don’t give up your sandwich at Paia. One of the places you can stop for a bite and have a nice local meal is "The Island Chef", This is at your left side on the way to Hana, there's a parking place, this is located 6 miles before Hana at Nahiku Market Place at a mile marker 28-29, this is probable the best food you could find on the way to Hana, his shrimp is amazing I recommend!

Island Chef

By this time you already have your app set and are ready to go. It’ll go to the minor detail of your trip, telling you about the history and all of the points that you can’t miss, main points and the others not as nice, but not less important or beautiful.

I’ll list for you below what in general people use to advise all of us to stop and see and then I’ll list further what are my own gorgeous spot sites that you must not miss out!

Sightseeing, lookouts, stops and scenic places advised by any tourist guide:

  • Twin Falls – First legs stretching stop, nice juice trailer.

Twin Falls, first stop on the Road to Hana, you'll find a nice trailler with fresh juices      -      Cachoeiras Gêmeas, vocês enconrarão um trailler na entrada com sucos naturais

  • Kaumahina State Wayside Park I have not stopped there.
  • Keanae Arboretum – Nice pics, Jurassic Park movie scenic point.

Jurassic Park movie scenic view at  Keanae Arboretum      -       Vista de um dos lugares onde o file Jurassic Park foi filmado dentro do Keanae Arboretum

  • Waianapanapa State Park – Easy hike into caves. Fun for the kids to explore. Swimming not ideal for the little ones, more for advanced swimmers. Black sand and turtles. Good lunch spot on Hana Highway.

Waipanaka blow hole area         -        Parque Wapanaka, areaá dos poços e chafarizes de àgua

  • Hana – Little town, cozy environment, nice sightseeing.

Hana Beach Park      -       Parque e praia de Hana

My own breathtaking places:

  • Nahiku Village and the 1867 little church – The coziest stop, little local village, breathtaking views, best point for photos, amazing 19th century little church.

Nahiku Beach Village

Nahiku Church, 19th century, 1867

Nahiku Beach Village

  • Waianapanapa State Park – Easy hike into caves. Fun for the kids to explore. Swimming not ideal for the little ones, more for advanced swimmers. Black sand and turtles. Good lunch spot on Hana Highway.

  • Wailua Falls – ”After Hana”, 20m water fall, Breathtaking place, just aside of the road.

  • True unknown Black Beach – Desert Beach with black sand and roller stones, amazing scenic view, just aside of the road, unknown name, coordinates: 20°39'04.7"N 156°04'46.0"W

Coordinates: 20°39'04.7"N 156°04'46.0"W

  • Fagan’s Cross Memorial – Stone made cross, sits atop of Lyon’s Hill, it was built in 1960 as a Memorial to Paul Fagan, founder of the Hotel Hana Maui. Paul Fagan was a men that dedicated his life to Hana.

Fagan's Cross Memorial - Cruzeiro e Memorial ao Sr. Fagan

The Road to Hana finishes in Hana! However, the gorgeous part of this trip is after Hana. That is the reason I’d suggest you not to stop by for everything and keep going. The app “Gypsy Guide” will give you a heads up on your time.

Don’t leave your hotel too late! By 7:00AM you must be on the road! Ideally you should reach the zero point mark and Paia not later then 8:00AM.

I have done this trip in 14 hours! However, please note that it was a rainy day, I have stopped a lot for photos in order to come here and let you know the best out of this trip and I have gone further after Hana, where I really expect you to go!

I’d suggest you to have a Jeep or a convertible car. This is a sightseeing trip and interaction with environment and landscaping a convertible car will make your trip even more pleasant.

Take lot of care with your driving please, the Road to Hana is safe, there's not to worry about, but it requires attention despite anything else, make sure that the driver will not drink and had a good night of sleep. All of the bridges are a single lane bridge, not always you have a guardrail, and you’ll find along of the road some cars that have fallen out of the road. It’s only about being responsible! Let’s any of the passengers making this trip with you, follow the app advice and tell you where to stop!

3 photos are a must! 1 at the Hana Road zero point mark, 1 at Hana and 1 at Wailua Falls. Upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, wechat, orkut everywhere possible because you are one more of the bravest human being and survivor that did the “Road to Hana”! Congratulations! And don't forget to post and #seltripsntips and #selflorentino.

If you really want to make people some envy then you should place a photo at this unknown black sand and rocky beach few miles after Hana near to the road end!

Things to avoid on the Road to Hana:

  • Never stop on the road to take your pics! Pull over safely and enjoy the view.
  • Never honk! Only if this is an emergency, everybody is enjoying the trip as same as you are.
  • Pull over if you have a line of cars behind you. Lot’s of people live in Hana and in the neighborhood and they still have to work.

In Maui and on the way to Hana before the the zero mark point you’ll also find a beach known as surfer paradise, named: “Jaws”! Here are the coordinates to get in there; I’ve been there. However, I’d only advise you to visit if you are a surfer going for surf and enjoy the point! Otherwise, leave it behind, this is a rough ground road, not easy driving conditions, desert and abandoned, without any sort of road safety conditions, there’s not way to make any maneuver, if you give up after few meters or kilometers you’ll have to reverse, this is about 8 miles from main highway. You’ll find abandoned cars and signs of fire. Coordinates: 20:56'36''N 156:17'52''W.

The rough way to