The Big Blog Exchange 2014

On 24 de July de 2014 by Sel

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The 2014 Big Blog Exchange is now on!

We have been traveling, enjoying and working around the world for decades, and we believe that our blog bring to our readers and friends not only tips for a nice trip, but also best places for photos, where to eat, where to stay, transport options, best buys and history tips as well. We want to share our passion and enjoyment!

We share with our readers local maps, the music we hear on our trips and photos!

Our posts are written in English and Portuguese, but as we have readers, friends and travelers in India, Russia, Sweden, Africa, Brazil, USA, UAE, China, Argentina, Italy, England and many other countries, we offer them the opportunity to write and read in their own language too. We welcome anyone that would like to write about his or her experiences in our blog and some times can’t find the ideal place to record it.

We offer to whomever is excited to share their experiences the opportunity to be the next “Trips n’ Tips” contributor. We are excited to potentially be one of the 16 final blogs chosen!

We are delighted to know and write about a new location, somebody’s daily way of life, favorite foods, places of interest, historical monuments, and the way to navigate around new places. We would be thankful and delighted if you decide to give us your vote! 🙂

The Blog Exchange 2014 is our opportunity to meet new fellow bloggers and diffuse, broadcast, disseminate our tips to the world.

Travel is our passion; talking and writing about our trips is our pleasure!

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Thanks everybody!