Big Blog Exchange 2014, voting phase is now over!

On 3 de September de 2014 by Sel

This is one of my preferite photos in between thousands of them. This little boy is the meaning of my life.The Big Blog Exchange 2014 voting phase is now closed!

We are so glad to become a part of BBE community.

We would like to thanks all of you that have supported us and given your votes šŸ™‚

We  would like to thanks also all of the bloggers that have got in touch, given their votes and written nice words of support.

BBE 2014 making us spinning around :-)

We enjoyed getting in touch with people from everywhere in the world and some of these new friends we intend to meet and some of their countries, cities and towns are in our next destinations list šŸ™‚

Let’s keep fingers crossed now and wait for September 16th and BBE’s international jury decision and the announcement of 16 winners!

Let’s keep in touch folks šŸ™‚

Following you will see some of our photos that where randomly chosen during the competition.

This is "The Big Blog Exchange 2014" 100 finalists

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#bigblogx at any time!

Chinese Hutong Bazar by Mari

My love and I

Valle Nevado

The "X" at the top of the mountainfor the BBE 2014!

Sel and Mari in Hawaii, Waikiki for a weekend welcome!

The Beach, a shot by Mari!

Andes Mountain by Mari.