Mahabaleshwar, The Queen of Maharashtra’s Hill Stations

On 31 de May de 2014 by Sel

Mahabaleshwar – Its always a pleonasm when we say that Indian people is nice, that Indian food is amazing and that India is Incredible. As this is a pleonasm say that Mahabaleshwar is Amazing.

You'll find lots of temples with 100's of years at Old Mahabaleshwar   -   Vocês encontrarão muitos templos secularers na Mahabaleshwar antiga.

Mahabaleshwar is located in Maharashtra’s State and is a Hill Station considered as the Queen of Maharashtra’s Hill Stations and Capital of Hill Stations. This is 2 hours away from Pune [photos], [photos] that is about 4 hours away from Mumbai.

Lake view from King's Cobra Temple   -   Vista do Lago do topo do Tmplo da Cobra Rei

Mahabaleshwar is also known as a strawberry country and always invite its guest and travellers to taste the red berries and the famous chikki.

Strawberries, Strawberries and more Strawberries! Morangos, Morangos e mais Morangos!

Mahabaleshwar is dated from 1829 and was initially established as a health resort due to its climate conditions on top of the mountain at 4,710’and green conditions around.

Mahabaleshwar seen from Arthur's place     -     Mahabaleshwar à partir do local de Arthur

Mahabaleshwar is a charming place and there are lots of things to do and see, in between them I would suggest boating at Venna Lake, a visit to “Wilson Point” the highest point, also called as Sunrise Point, Connaught Peak also known as Mount Olympia and the second highest point, Duke's Place [photos], Kate's Point [photos], Arthur’s Seat [photos], about 15 Km away from town centre it’s believed that this is called like that on behalf of Arthur Malet who first built a house in Mahabaleshwar, Lodwick Point named after General Lodwick the first European to visit Mahabaleshwar, there are also the water falls.

Road access to Mahabaleshwar     -     Acesso aà Mahabaleshwar

You can also do paragliding in Mahabaleshwar, there is a nice safe and well know point by the lovers of this sport.

Paragliding in Mahabaleshwar :-) priceless - Paragliding em Mahabaleshwar :-) não tem preço!

Benoit, Bernard and I at Arthur's place already in Mahabaleshwar - Benoit, Bernard e eu já em Mahabaleshwar no Arthur's Place

My favorite place is the old Mahabaleshwar [photos] 20 Km away from town centre and in between others the King’s Cobra temple [photos] and old edifications dated from 6th century, there are several astounding and astonishing temple and an outstanding view. This is a nice trekking place and an auspicious part of the hill station is a revered site housing number of pilgrimage of deities and Goddess.

Hotel View - Vista do Hotel


Shanwar Palace front view - Vista do Palácio Shanwar


Local Fire Fighting Truck - Caminhão do Corpo de Bombeiros Local!


King's Cobra Temple, Old Mahabaleshwar - O Templo da Cobra Rei na parte velha de Mahabaleshwar


Local Indian Trucks - Caminhoões locais personalizados


King's Cobra Temple - Templo da Cobra Rei


A day trip riding on a Camel Back! Um dia de viagem no lombo de um camelo!


My good friend Benoit and I at Uttara Kshetram templo in Pune on the way to Mahabaleshwar - Eu e meu amigo francês Benoit no Templo Uttara Kshetram em Pune aà caminho de Mahabaleshwar


Just local nice colleagues - Alguns colegas locais!