On 14 de May de 2014 by admin

At the time the celebrated my birthday ,

I was happy and nobody was killed .

In the old house, until I was a year tradition for centuries ,

And the joy of all , and mine was right with any religion .

At the time the celebrated my birthday ,

I had great health of not seeing anything ,

Be smart to between family ,

And not having the hopes that others had for me .

When I came to hope , knew no longer hope.

When I came to look for life , lost the meaning of life .

Yes, I was supposed to me – even

What was the heart and kinship.

What was the evenings middle- province

What was of me and I love being a boy ,

What was I – oh, my God, what I know now I was only …

How far away ! …

( Neither I think … )

The time that the celebrated my birthday !

What I am today is like the humidity in the hall of the end of the house ,

Putting mold growing on the walls …

What I am today ( and those who loved me through my house shakes

tears ) ,

What I am today is they sold the house ,

It had all died ,

Is being a survivor myself I even like a cold match …

At the time the celebrated my birthday …

My love , as a person , this time !

Physical desire of the soul to find there again,

By a carnal and metaphysical journey,

With a duality of self to me …

Eat the past as bread hunger no time to butter in the teeth !