World Cup 2014, Opening Game, Brazil 3 x 1 Croatia

On 13 de June de 2014 by Sel

About 63,000 people at the opining game - Em torno de 63.000 pessoas na ocosiaão da abertura dos jogos.

 Brazil 3 x 1 Croatia [photos] – The FIFA World Cup is most probably the most widely viewed sport events. It happens each 4 years and the 2014 event is back to Brazil after 64 years.


The opening event with music and some local presentations - O evento de abertura com música e algumas apresentações de coreografia local

 The opening event was poor and the stadium in general was not finished. We can't compare the finishing to Bird's Nest or Wembley stadiums and the signage was poor. If I look at the stadium with my engineer eyes I'd say that finishing is poor and that the stadium still needs some time to get finished. It was the general concerns of all of my foreign friends. I've been there with my dad and it was difficult to get to our seat and buy something to eat. Believe you or not neither the cheeseburger come on time for the opening 🙂

Transportation was fair, the way back home was confused and messy with some conflicts with local police.

Tickets were not easy to get. It was my first time to a stadium for a World Cup match and my daddy never been to a stadium. at all.

In general we like it as an event. The national anthem sang by the fans was the best, above anything is the love for Brazil as a country.

This is daddy at Luz train station on the way to the Stadium. It was his first pic of the day, actually he asked me for this photo to send to mum - Este é meu pai na estação de trem da Luz a caminho do estádio. Na verdade ele me pediu por esta foto para enviar pra minha mãe