Hawaii, Oahu Island

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Duke's statue in Waikiki, there's a legend that says that if you want to come back to Hawiaii you should place a lei there before you leave      -       Esta eé a estátua do Duke em Waikiki, existe uma lenda que diz que se voceê quiser voltar voceê deveria deixar uma colar de flores havaiano na estátua antes de ir embora.Aloha!

Quick facts, tips and curiosities about Hawaii, Oahu Island.

The Polynesians from the South Pacific found Hawaii most probably in between 300 – 500 AD. Captain James Cook discovered Hawaii in January 18th 1778.

Hawaii is the 50th US state and was incorporated in the union in 1959, before that Hawaii was an US territory since 1900. Hawaii is composed of 8 main Island in a total of 132. Honolulu is located in Oahu‘u the 3rd biggest Island, Maui is the 2nd biggest. Hawaii has a population of 1.4 million people, 1 million in Oahu‘u. There is a local joke that Hawaiian people use to say that a 9th sister island is also part of their territory and this is Las Vegas, because Las Vegas has the only thing that we’ll not find in the Islands, Casino’s!

Since 1850 Honolulu is the capital [photos]. Honolulu is a big city as any other big city in the world, plenty of hotels and shopping centre’s everywhere, the biggest one is Ala Moana that was built in 1959. The very first hotel resort is Moana Surf Rider dated of 1901.

King Kamehameha The Great united the 8 main islands in 1795 after Nu’uanu Pali battle and formally established the Hawaii Kingdom in 1810. Kamehameha I had 32 wives or so and dozens of sons and daughters, curiously Hawaiian people called themselves as cousins, maybe because of the big family that King Kahameha had despite being called lonely.

The number one Hawaiian business is the military and tourism. Hawaii is the most strategic US Pacific base.

This is the Punchbowl Cemitery      -       Este é o cemitério Punchbowl

The Punchbowl [photos] cemetery was inaugurated in Sep 2nd 1949 and is also called National Cemetery of Pacific, also known as Puowaina that means “hill to place a sacrifice”, 15,000 soldiers, veterans and spouses from several wars are buried there, this is set at a extinct volcano crater.

Honolulu got fire and burned twice, in 1886 and 1900, the first due to a fire in Chinatown and the second an uncontrolled fire in an attempt to fire a building infected with bubonic plague. The Hawaiian Chinatown is maybe the world’s smallest.

The last Hawaiian king was David Kalukaua.

Every single Friday by 19:45 the weekend is announced to the tourists with 3 minutes of firework at Waikiki Beach by Hilton Lagoon, you can’t miss it, everybody will be there!

IMG_4262A rainy day or a cloudy morning doesn’t mean anything in Oahu Island or at Waikiki. No worries, be chill. Take your breakfast, have a rest and go out, you’ll be surprised and gifted with a sunny day and blue sky!

The Duke’s is a must seen bar and restaurant. There’s a nice lunch buffet on Sundays, as for me they have the best “mai tai”. Breakfast is also affordable and good;

Hawaii is well known by the surf circuit. There some personalities that are Hawaiian, in between them Mr President Barack Obama and Duke the surfer and 5 times Olympic medalist.

There are several places to visit in Hawaii, from historical through natural reserves, paradisiac beaches and shopping centres and restaurants. I’ll name some of them as follows:

Pearl Harbor [photos] was fully operational in 1919 and every single US president since Roosevelt visits Pearl Harbor;

USS Missouri [photos] was not ready and done at the Pearl Harbor attack in December 7th, 1941. It was launched on January 29th, 1944 and this is the last USA battleship ever built. However, the Japanese rendering was signed at its deck on September 2nd 1945. The USS Missouri stands overlooking her fallen sister ship, the USS Arizona under its Memorial;

USS Arizona Memorial [photos] was built in 1962 and one of the contributor’s was Elvis Presley with 64,000 dollars at that time;

USS Oklahoma Memorial [photos] is an astonishing monument that will make you feel the brave soul of men that die in that fatidic December 7th 1941, 429 brave men died;

If you have seen Pearl Harbor 2004 movie, you’ll certainly remember the red and white control tower, it remains beside hangar 37 and 38 with all of 2nd war bullets in it, circa of 20 US aircrafts only were able to get off that day and only 29 out of 400+ Japanese aircrafts were defeated and beaten down;

Diamond and Koko Head [photos] volcano’s craters, enjoy the hiking, don’t miss the steps and the tunnel through the Diamond’s crater wall;

Kalukaua Av in Waikiki is the place where restaurants and brands from all over the world are found;

Beaches as such as Waikiki [photos], Kailua [photos], Lanikai [photos], Makuleia [photos] and all of the North Shore. Lanikai is named by lots of people is the most beautiful Hawaiian beach and Kailua is the place for kitesurfing, I had kite instructions with Jeff Tobias. Jeff has finished in the top 5  best of the world for few years, lessons with Jeff are enjoyable and has a high level of safety standards. Please look for www.windwardwatersports.com. In Kailua you'll also find the Teddy's, known for its hamburger, some people use to say that this is the best hamburger, that's not what I think; however, its worth to stop by and  tryOn the way to North Shore and Makuleia you'll find Giovanni's and its shrimps, please stop by and have a lunch there, the food is amazing, if this is too busy you can drive another 2 miles and and eat same shrimps at Kahuku.

There are many breathtaking lookout points as such as Makapuu point [photos], Sunset beach [photos] and others;

Hilo Hattie in Honolulu is the place for a local handcraft with restaurants and “hang loose” places;

Luau, personally I didn’t like it! The food and time is not worth the money! I’ve been to Paradise Cove [photos] luau.

Father Damien, Belgian born, was a missionary in Hawaii and is the first Hawaiian Saint and was canonized in 2009 named Saint Damien of Molokai, he helped people with leprosy in the island and died with leprosy.

We have met Lucia Malla in Waikiki at the Duke’s. Lucia is also a blogger and live there, we have taken some tips out of her blog for our trip, please also see www.luciamalla.com.

There’s much more to speak about. I’ll be updating this post regularly and come back speaking about Maui Island as well.

Hawaii as the camera sees it:

USS Arizona Memorial


Makapuu Light Point - Farol de Makapuu


Sunset Beach and diving point - Praia Sunset e local de mergulho






Ka'ena Paoint and aeolic farms - Praia de Ka'ena com as fazendas de energia aeólica ao fundo




Halona Blow Hole


Diamond Head crater seen from Waikiki       -       Cratera do Diamond Head vista de Waikiki


USS Arizona seen from its Memorial     -     Restos do USS Arizana vistos aà partir do memorial


USS Missouri


USS Oklahoma Memorial


USS Bowfin deck   -   Deck do subamrino USS Bowfin