About me

Acropolis of Athens, Temple of Olympian Zeus - Building of the Olympian Zeus Temple commenced in the 6th century BC, but the structure was not actually completed in its entirety until the 2nd century AD, when the reigning Roman emperor was Hadrian.This blog was created to write down and show my experiences around the world.

I left my home country without speak any other language beside my mother tongue, Portuguese!

I left home without know where to go, I just wanted to be free and find out how big the world is. I have found different people, different languages, exotic and unusual places and amazing cultures.

By the way, I'm a Project Manager, certified in England by the RICS, I work in the Civil Construction Industry, today I speak Italian, English and Portuguese with proficiency in Russian too.

I love traveling and taking photos of the places I go. I also love come back with friends to the places I've been and make their life around easier and show the best places for their unforgettable pics. I'm a storyteller!

Stonehenge, England     -      Foto de Stonehenge na Inglaterra

Find a right name for my blog prove to be a challenge. It has taken quite lot of time and conversation with people. I was looking for something that comes up in a search and that let people find good tips for their trips. Not an easy task.

I'm a born sport lover! I ski, I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I play ice hockey, I'm a professional climber, I surf, I play football and I do rafting, hiking, skating and running. Notwithstanding, I use to ride speed motorbikes and light aircrafts!

If you want a tip from any of the places I've been please let me know, it'll be a pleasure to write back to you.